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Common Reasons for Interim Support

Learn more about interim leadership:  Read this article by Joseph  Johnston, "Interim Senior-Level Appointments: Why, When, How? from AGB Magazine:

Unexpected Departure 
Maternity Leave
Long Term Illness
​Crisis Management
Search in Process with Internal Candidates

The duration of an interim leader depends on the circumstances.  During a search, it is typical for the interim to be in place for 10-12 months. In case of illness or maternity, that time frame will change. An interim typically is in place for 2 -12 months.

Stan's experience in the field enables him to join a school or agency with a fundamental understanding of organizational operations in needs.  To date, Stan has served in the interim capacities of Director of Advancement and Fundraising Director.

Schools and Nonprofit agencies should always consider the use of an interim leader even if it is then determined that an acting (internal) leader is more ideal. Here are some of the benefits:

  • There is someone fully focused on the work instead of having an internal staff person juggling several roles.
  • An interim leader will bring experience to the institution along with a new perspective.
  • *Necessary and sometime difficult changes can be done that will take   the pressure off of an incoming leader.  
  •  *An objective professional is in place that carries no predispositions.

An interim will allow for a search process to properly proceed and will dispel concerns associated with having an acting leader vying for the position. The choice of an interim is often:  STRATEGIC AND CALMING.

A successful interim leader will maintain the operations and continue moving the organization forward while allowing the board time to conduct a search.