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"Training and coaching of both heads and lay leaders are critically important to help stem the frequent transitions of leadership, providing the necessary skills to help heads of school be more successful and remain in positions longer... In order to ensure that novice and early career heads of school have longer tenures, ongoing training, and support are necessary.

RAVSAK Heads of Jewish Community Day Schools: A Portrait of the Field


My experience is based on the successes AND setbacks, I have experienced over the years.  I understand the dynamics involved and how important a structured coaching program can be for both the administrator and the lay leadership. Over the years, I benefited from some great coaches; I credit that support in helping me achieve so much in my career.


Not sure if coaching is for you?  I am happy to provide you with a complimentary session before you make a decision.


It  is a  collaborative process that involves a confidential one-to-one relationship with a coach structured  to support the leader's professional and personal development.  The purpose is to assist leaders in achieving their goals with improved results. Coaching is designed to foster personal insight and reflection, enhance skills, and build confidence in new leaders. 


-- The Leader is responsible for the outcomes

-- A Coach builds on strengths and talent

–- A Coach learns about what motivates the leaders to best understand how to guide

-- Coaching is an action-oriented process that is designed to foster improvement and build confidence.

– Coaching involves reflection, positive guidance, and accountability

-- Coaching provides a sounding board that is non-judgmental

Coaching is NOT


--Gripe Session

--Formal evaluation